Bachelor's courses
SubjectSubject CodeElective/Compulsory
Introduction to EgyptologyArc 108Elective
Cognitive PsychologyPsy 101Compulsory
Child psychologyPsy 102Compulsory
Biological PsychologyPsy 103Compulsory
Clinical PsychologyPsy 104Compulsory
Introduction to Social PsychologyPsy 105Elective
NeuropsychologyPsy 106Elective
Established diagnosis of behavioral disturbancesPsy 107Elective
Human Rights3213541Compulsory
Talk shows and psychology of the receiving audienceAPS 117Elective
Psychiatrymed 111Compulsory
Adolescent psychologypsy 109Compulsory
Descriptive statistics in psychologyPsy 110Compulsory
Clinical field exercises in psychiatric hospitalspsy 112Compulsory
Psychology of learningpsy 113Elective
Introduction to PsychologyPsy 115Elective
Psychological texts in European languagePsy 116Elective
The Egyptian personality through the agesArc 210Elective
Sources of informationIS 211Elective
The principles of forensic psychiatryMed 205Compulsory
Adult and elderly psychologyPsy 201Compulsory
Social PsychologyPsy 202Compulsory
Interpretive statistics in psychology 2Psy 203Compulsory
Experimental Psychologypsy 204Compulsory
Clinical field exercises in psychiatric hospitalspsy 206Compulsory
Psychology of intelligence and abilitiesPsy 209Elective
The use of computers in psychological researchPsy207Elective
Foundations of psychological counselingPsy208Elective
Psychological texts in European languagePsy 217Elective
Psychology of creativity and talentedPsy211Compulsory
Personality theoriesPsy212Compulsory
History of psychology and its evolutionPsy213Compulsory
Psychotherapist skillsPsy214Compulsory
Clinical field exercises in hospitalsPsy215Compulsory
Psychology of substance abusePsy216Elective
Common psychological problems in Egyptian societyPsy218Elective
Psychology of language and speechPsy219Elective
Medicine in ancient EgyptArc 305Compulsory
Advanced Psychometry 2Psy 301Compulsory
PsychopathologyPsy 302Compulsory
Clinical field exercises in psychiatric hospitalspsy 303Compulsory
Childhood mental disorderPsy 304Compulsory
Psychology of people with special needsPsy 306Elective
The basis of personality assessmentPsy 307Elective
Personality and intelligence testsPsy 308Elective
PsychopharmacologyMed 314Elective
Personality DisordersPsy 309Compulsory
Clinical topics in English languagePsy 310Compulsory
Principles of classification of mental disordersPsy 311Compulsory
Mental disorder in adolescencePsy 312Compulsory
Clinical field exercises in psychiatric hospitalspsy 313Compulsory
Causes of mental disordersPsy 315Elective
EpidemiologyPsy 316Elective
Causes of mental disordersPsy 317Elective