Bachelor's courses
SubjectSubject CodeElective/Compulsory
Human Rights7 - (1795)Compulsory
Principles of AnatomyANAT 1101Compulsory
Principles of BiochemistryBIO 1104Compulsory
Early Clinical SkillsECS 1106Compulsory
Basic EnglishENG 1107Compulsory
Principles of Histology Cells biologyHIST 1102Compulsory
Principles of PhysiologyPHYS 1103Compulsory
Physician patient communication 1PPCI 1105Compulsory
Elective course1 Non MedicalELC 1Elective
Infection Host DefenseIHD 1205Compulsory
Principles of MicrobiologyMICR 1204Compulsory
Principles of ParasitologyPARA1202Compulsory
Principles of pathologyPATH 1201Compulsory
Principles of PharmacologyPHAR 1203Compulsory
Professionalism 1PRO1 1206Compulsory
Behavioral SciencesBS 2105Compulsory
Clinical ToxicologyCT 2102Compulsory
Cardiovascular system 1CVS 2103Compulsory
Elective course2 MedicalELC 2Elective
Forensic MedicineFORN 2101Compulsory
Neuroscience 1NS1 2104Compulsory
Research Methodology 1RM 1 2106Compulsory
Endocrinology 1 and ReproductiveEND1 / REP 2201Compulsory
Medical GeneticsMG 2205Compulsory
Nutrition and MetabolismNM 2202Compulsory
Special Senses 1SS 1 2203Compulsory
Urinary SystemURIN 2204Compulsory
Elective course3 Non MedicalELC 3Elective
Gastrointestinal System 1GIT 1 3104Compulsory
Hematology 1HEM 1 3103Compulsory
Locomotor System 1LOC 3101Compulsory
Physician Patient Communication 2PPC2 3106Compulsory
Respiratory System 1RESP 1 3102Compulsory
Community MedicineCM 3203Compulsory
Elective course4 Non MedicalELC 4Elective
Medical EthicsME 3304Compulsory
Medical InformaticsMI 3305Compulsory
Patient SafetyPS 3307Compulsory
Research Methodology2RM 2 3306Compulsory
Special Senses 2 ENTSS 2 3201Compulsory
Special Senses 3 OphthalmologySS 3 3202Compulsory
Medicine 1MED 1 4101Compulsory
Medicine 2MED 2 4102Compulsory
Clinical Epidemiology and BiostatisticsCEB 4202Compulsory
Evidence Based MedicineEBM 4204Compulsory
Elective course5 Non MedicalELC 5Elective
Family medicineFM 4203Compulsory
PediatricsPED 4201Compulsory
Emergency MedicineEMER 5102Compulsory
Professionalism 2PRO 2 5103Compulsory
Research ProjectRP 5104Compulsory
Surgery 1SUR 1 5101Compulsory
Elective course6 Non MedicalELC 6Elective
Obstetric and GynecologyOBGYN 5202Compulsory
Surgery 2SUR 2 5201Compulsory