Bachelor's courses
Faculty Of Arts - Study Regulations 2010 - 4400
SubjectSubject CodeElective/Compulsory
Arabic 1020111Compulsory
Ancient Hebrew language rules020112Compulsory
Persian rules020113Compulsory
Turkish language rules020114Compulsory
History of the Ancient Near East and civilizations020115Compulsory
Modern Hebrew conversation020122Compulsory
Persian language conversation020123Compulsory
Turkish language conversation020124Compulsory
Introduction to Orientalism020126Compulsory
Human Rights3213541Compulsory
Arabic 2021211Compulsory
Turkish Language about and exchange021212Compulsory
Turkish language expression and conversation21213Compulsory
Audio Turkish language the study of evolution in the audio21214Compulsory
Date of Turks and decency in Central Asia21215Compulsory
Turkish language reading and listening21222Compulsory
Hair Turkish Ottoman since the establishment until the end of the 16m21223Compulsory
Turkish Ottoman prose since the establishment until the end of s 16 m21224Compulsory
Turk history in Asia Minor until the establishment of the Republic21225Compulsory
Islamic Sufi mysticism and roads in Anatolia21226Compulsory
Turkish Language Structural level0020313Compulsory
Hair of the Turkish Ottoman s 17 m to the establishment of the Republic0020314Compulsory
Translator of Turkish and forth0020315Compulsory
Scientific thinking020311Compulsory
Turkish language expression and conversation020312Compulsory
Turkish Language modern methods0020321Compulsory
Prose Ottoman s 17 since even a republic0020322Compulsory
The texts of the Ottoman Turkish documents0020323Compulsory
Translator of Turkish and forth0020324Compulsory
The history of the Turkish language and dialects0020325Compulsory
Hair of the Turkish Ottoman0020412Compulsory
Turkish folk literature0020413Compulsory
Turkeys history of modern and contemporary0020414Compulsory
Journalist from the Turkish translator them0020415Compulsory
Human Rights020411Compulsory
Modern Turkish prose0020421Compulsory
Turkish Literal level0020423Compulsory
Journalist from the Turkish translator them0020424Compulsory
Modern Turkish dialects0020425Compulsory
Modern Turkish methods and terminology or Turkish society0020426Compulsory