Bachelor's courses
Faculty Of Law - Study Regulations 2011 - The Bachelor of Law Degree (Directed Irregular Program)
SubjectSubject CodeElective/Compulsory
International Regulation1 - (7175)Compulsory
Introduction to Legal Sciences2 - (7176)Compulsory
Criminology and Penology3 - (7177)Compulsory
islamic legislation - (7179)4 - (7179)Compulsory
history of legal&social systems - (7178)5 - (7178)Compulsory
Constitutional Law and Political Systems5 - (7180)Compulsory
Practical application 70956 - (7095)Compulsory
Political Economy6 - (7181)Compulsory
Legal Terms in Foreign Language7 - (7182)Compulsory
Human rights9 - (7184)Compulsory
Economy2 - (7023)Compulsory
History of Law3 - (7024)Compulsory
Personal status of non-Muslims4 - (7113)Compulsory
Civil Law (resources of obligation)5-1Compulsory
Administrative law7 - (7028)Compulsory
Practical application11Compulsory
Islamic Shari'a4 - (7093)Compulsory
Civil Law (resources of obligation)5-2Compulsory
Penal law6 - (7027)Compulsory
Legal Terms in Foreign Language8Compulsory
Public International Law8 - (7029)Compulsory
Civil Law (civil contracts)1 - (7031)Compulsory
Commercial Law2 - (7032)Compulsory
Legal content in a foreign language4 - (7122)Compulsory
Administrative and Constitutional Jurisdiction5 - (7035)Compulsory
Penal law6 - (7027)Compulsory
Labor and Social Insurance Law3 - (7033)Compulsory
Public Finance367Compulsory
Islamic Shari'a4 - (7093)Compulsory
Practical application6 - (7095)Compulsory
Civil and Commercial Proceedings6 - (7124)Compulsory
Private International Law (nationality and personal status of aliens)888Compulsory
Islamic Jurisprudence1 - (7040)Compulsory
Commercial Law2 - (7032)Compulsory
Implementation4 - (7043)Compulsory
Legal subject in foreign language5 - (7044)Compulsory
Tax Legislation8810Compulsory
Private International Law (conflict of laws and jurisdiction)889Compulsory
Environmental Law10Compulsory
Civil Law5 - (7026)Compulsory
Criminal Procedure law6 - (7045)Compulsory
Practical application6 - (7095)Compulsory
Administrative Contracts7 - (7046)Compulsory
Marine and Aviation Law8 - (7047)Compulsory