Bachelor's courses
Faculty Of Arts - Study Regulations 2010 - 5800
SubjectSubject CodeElective/Compulsory
Introduction to EgyptologyAR11Compulsory
Practicale Field trips 1AR12Compulsory
History of Greece and the RomansAR13Compulsory
Introduction to Islamic monumentsAR14Compulsory
Introduction to Classical ArchaeologyAR15Compulsory
History of ancient EgyptAR16Compulsory
Arabic Languagear110Compulsory
Historical Geography of EgyptAR111Compulsory
History of the Arab statear112Compulsory
Human Rightsar113Compulsory
Pharaonic MonumentsAR17Compulsory
Greek and Roman MonumentsAR18Compulsory
Egyptian Islamic MonumentsAR19Compulsory
History of Ancient Egypt 1ART21Compulsory
Monuments of Pharaonic Egypt 1ART22Compulsory
Ancient Egyptian language 1ART23Compulsory
History of Ptolemaic Egypt - GreekART24Compulsory
Egypt's Islamic history until the end of the AyyubidART25Compulsory
First foreign language 1ART26Compulsory
Second foreign language 2ART27Compulsory
Ancient Egyptian language 2ART210Compulsory
Ptolemaic Egypt Monuments - GreekART211Compulsory
Egypt's Islamic history "until the end of the Ayyubid era" 1ART212Compulsory
First foreign language 2ART213Compulsory
Second foreign language 2ART214Compulsory
Geography of Tourism and RecreationART215Compulsory
Pharaonic Egypt Monuments 2ART28Compulsory
tourist guide Field trips 1ART29Compulsory
History of Pharaonic Egypt 2ART31Compulsory
Egypt's Roman Monuments 1ART32Compulsory
Ancient Egyptian Language 3ART33Compulsory
Egypt's Touristic geographylART34Compulsory
Islamic history of Egypt Mamluk and Ottoman 3ART35Compulsory
tourist guide Field trips 2ART36Compulsory
First foreign language 3ART37Compulsory
Second foreign language 3ART38Compulsory
Roman Egypt Monuments 2ART310Compulsory
Ancient Egyptian Language 4ART311Compulsory
Ancient Egyptian literatureART312Compulsory
History and culture of Byzantine EgyptART313Compulsory
Guide and tourist trips Field (3)ART314Compulsory
Second foreign language (4 a)ART315Compulsory
Second foreign language 4bART316Compulsory
The Monuments of Pharaonic Egypt 3ART39Compulsory
Sculpture and minor arts "pharaonic"ART41Compulsory
Monuments of Islamic Egypt Ayyubid and Mamluks dynastyART42Compulsory
Travel guide tourists MuseumsART43Compulsory
Egyptain Pharaonic MonumentsART44Compulsory
Egypts modern and current historyART45Compulsory
First foreign language 4ART46Compulsory
Second foreign language 5ART47Compulsory
Field tourist guide trips 5ART410Compulsory
Ancient Egyptian Language 5ART411Compulsory
Continuing tourism and the environmentART412Compulsory
Tourist legislationART413Compulsory
Second foreign language 6ART414Compulsory
Second foreign language 6ART415Compulsory
Sculpture and minor artsART48Compulsory
Egypt Islamic Monuments - the Ottoman era and the era of Muhammad AliART49Compulsory